Not Just Wine

Here at Richest Wine Photography, we started with a passion for vineyards, but over the years we have found that we truly love every aspect of Photography! We want to share all of the best photographers work from around the world (of course we will always give credit).

There are some many truly talented artists out there that don’t get the recognition or exposure they deserve so we hope to change that. We aren’t biased on their style or what they most commonly shoot, we just want to get more people excited for the industry and we believe that sharing amazing photographs will do exactly that.

We have also been hearing about a project called Lens And Leash where they partner with photographers to go into animal shelters and take photos of all the animals up for adoption. We think this is a fantastic idea and fully support it, so we will most likely be sharing a lot of photos of rescue animals as well. Please share as much as you can to help them find their forever home!