Spotlight – Flo McCall Jackson Hole Portrait Photographer

Florence McCall Photography: Providing Quality Family Portraits For Over Two Decades

Wyoming Family Portraits

Taking portraits is nothing less than a fine art. There seems to be a lot of people that think portrait work is as simple as picking up a camera and snapping a shot of someone standing in front of a background. This isn’t the case at all. Quality portrait work requires a deep understanding of lighting, poses, and the ability to capture the personality of the person in the image.

Family Portraits

When it comes down to it, this is no easy task. However, with years of experience, great portrait photographers are born. That’s exactly what you’ll find with Florence McCall Photography. This Jackson WY portrait photographer has been sharing her talent with the community since 1995. Simply put, that’s a long time to be in business and it’s also a plenty of time to completely master a trade.

Children Portrait Photographer

It all started with the desire to be financially stable with a full-time career while being independent. That dream has been more than achieved and Florence McCall Family Portraits has established a reputation for being extremely talented while placing customer satisfaction at the top of the priority list.

Believe it or not, the team at Florence McCall Photography consists of only one person. Flo handles all of her shoots on her own. When you think about it, that’s truly remarkable. One thing is for sure, Flo stays busy, but she enjoys every minute of what she does.

Jackson WY Portrait Photographer

A lot of professional photographers like to dabble in a little bit of everything. While this may contribute to more opportunities, it doesn’t allow them to truly master and fine tune their talents in a specific niche. Flo is well aware of this. She only does portraits which is part of the reason her work is so amazing. Years upon years of snapping the perfect shots has made this Jackson Wyoming family photographer one of a kind when it comes to her level of skill.

Jackson Hole Professional Headshot Photographer

Flo makes it a point to form a relationship with her clients. She wants them to feel comfortable and at ease during their session. Her years of experience working closely with numerous clients has gifted her with the ability to work with any client in any type of situation. This is something that a lot of other professional photographers can’t honestly say.

Jackson Hole Commerical Photographer

The quality of work you’ll discover when working with Flo is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. Flo has a specific style that brings beauty out in all of her shots. A sharp focus on eyes and faces with a hint of background thrown into the mix nails perfection time and time again.

High School Senior Portrait Photographer

While Flo is happy to accept new clients at all times during the year, her favorite time to portrait photography is during the winter. She’s a big fan of lighting and the winter season in the Jackson area is absolutely beautiful during the winter season. Flo says that the lighting is never too bright on the horizon and the shadows are remarkable. As well, Flo says that the warm color tone during this time of year adds a special touch.

Best Portrait Photography

Currently, Flo does the majority of her work around the Jackson Hole area. However, she does have plans of traveling more so that she can work all over the world. With the level of success that she has achieved already, I don’t see this dream taking very long to come true.

Jackson Hole Portrait Photography

Florence McCall Photography is definitely the best choice for you if quality, satisfaction, and incredible talent is what you’re after. Work with Flo once and you’ll quickly discover why she’s been in business for over two decades. Simply put, she’s a master of her trade and few professional photographers in the country have the skills to compete.

You can contact Florence McCall Photography on her website or social media:

Florence McCall Photography
1705 High School Rd #170, Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 733-0746


Spotlight – Après Events In Jackson Hole WY

Wedding Photography & Videography In Jackson Hole

If you live in or around Jackson Hole Wyoming, you may have heard of Après Events, especially if you have recently gotten married or know someone who has. The name is becoming quite popular in the area and it seems to be the go to choice for couples who want their special day to be nothing less than spectacular.

Jackson Hole Wedding Photography
Photo: Après Events Wedding Photography

If you’ve never heard of this team of wedding photographers and videographers, you should definitely check them out before choosing anyone else to capture the moments of the celebration you’ve put so much time and planning into.

Serving clients and providing an incredible amount of satisfaction since 2012, this Jackson Hole wedding photographer knows what it takes to capture every spectacular moment and leave memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

More Than Just Photography

Après Events is much more than your standard Wyoming wedding photographer. Their company takes pride in producing high quality cinematography, videography, and photography for weddings as well as other special events.

Jackson Wyoming Wedding Videographer Team
Photo: Après Events Wedding Photography

Behind every great business is a great goal and the team at Après Events is no exception to this rule. Their goal is simple yet powerful. They want to help people create incredible memories of celebrations that they can relive time and time again, despite all of the tragedies that take place in the world.

Their team may be rather small, but you would never be able to tell the difference when comparing their work to a company with a larger crew. With a core team of just two people, Karissa Akin and Amon Barker, this team has a special talent of creating remarkable work together that provides and elegant and intimate feel.

The Perfect Shot For Your Perfect Day

Quality is everything when it comes to capturing life’s special moments. This Jackson Wy wedding photographer will stop at nothing when it comes to ensuring that you receive the highest production value possible.

Wedding Photography
Photo: Après Events Wedding Photography

While Après Events is up to date with all of the latest technology as well top-notch gear, they understand that being a great photography company requires much more than a fancy camera. When it comes down to it, passion is an absolute must and that’s exactly what you’ll find when use their services.

Their quality of work is attracting clients from not only the community, but well-known companies as well. Après Visuals, another video production company with the same team, took part in a special shoot with Jeep as well as the Four Seasons. Both of these companies take customer satisfaction very seriously which is likely why they knew Après was their only choice is their needs were going to be met.

Wedding Photographers In Jackson Hole Wyoming
Photo: Après Events Wedding Photography

This Jackson Wyoming wedding photographer has a serious goal for the future. They want to become known as a high-end cinematography and photography company. Most of their work is done locally, but this will soon be changing. They plan on expanding their services and they also plan on attending more events throughout all of the seasons throughout the year. Since Karissa Akin loves to travel, it’s no surprise that she wants to spread her services to other parts of the world so more people can experience what most would consider to be not just incredible photography, but art at its finest.

Even the most skilled wedding photographer can continue to learn and improve their work. Karissa Akin understands this and does her best to continue mastering her trade. She loves to get inspiration from local artists and she even attends workshops to sharpen her skills.

Wyoming Wedding Photographers
Photo: Après Events Wedding Photography

There’s a big difference between working and doing what you love. One look at the work produced by Après Events will make it obvious that this team loves every bit of what they do. Their passion shines in their work, their expertise is unmatched, and you’re sure to love what they put together for you. Simply put, there’s no other choice than Après Events when it comes to the best of the best.

You can contact Après Events on their website or social media:

Après Events
960 Alpine Ln c, Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 200-1875

Not Just Wine

Here at Richest Wine Photography, we started with a passion for vineyards, but over the years we have found that we truly love every aspect of Photography! We want to share all of the best photographers work from around the world (of course we will always give credit).

There are some many truly talented artists out there that don’t get the recognition or exposure they deserve so we hope to change that. We aren’t biased on their style or what they most commonly shoot, we just want to get more people excited for the industry and we believe that sharing amazing photographs will do exactly that.

We have also been hearing about a project called Lens And Leash where they partner with photographers to go into animal shelters and take photos of all the animals up for adoption. We think this is a fantastic idea and fully support it, so we will most likely be sharing a lot of photos of rescue animals as well. Please share as much as you can to help them find their forever home!