bobby & whitney


I looked forward to this wedding since the day Whitney told me she wanted me to photograph her big day.  Whitney has that kind of personality that injects fun into most every situation.  I know this first hand since we worked together for 2 years.  Let’s just say I laughed a whole lot!  Of course its only natural that her wedding be as fun as it was!  Whitney & Bobby are huge sports fans.  Each part of their wedding painted their love of the Orioles, Caps, and Ravens all while perfectly showing their love for one another.

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little miss maeve

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I love this girl.  I mean, check out this adorable face!

Maeve is the daughter of a close friend and co-worker of mine. I simply adore Maeve’s personality and how it comes through in these photos! Read More »

matt & liz

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Back in the fall I was lucky enough to get to photograph Matt & Liz for their engagement photos.  I can’t believe they got married just a few weeks ago!

Since I hadn’t highlighted their engagement photos on the blog yet…..we can call this entry a two-for-one!

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nobody told me


I am pretty sure my last post was 5 months ago so let’s go ahead and call it what it is….a hiatus.  Its actually maybe even more of an avoidance.  There is the knowledge that once I break into blogging 2012 I am going to have to keep it up; especially with weddings and photoshoots aplenty ahead this spring & summer.

I really believe that I knew becoming a parent would change my world.  I knew I would become forgetful, busy, and consumed at times with this new baby.  Lots of people warned me about this phenomenon.  There are a few things, however that nobody told me that only pictures can explain.

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the hills

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I don’t think I can post this photoshoot without:

1.  Smiling!

2. Sharing the recipe for this photoshoot in step by step fashion.

3.  Feeling overwhelmingly blessed & thankful to be part of an awesome church family.

So let the recipe begin!  You may notice that the ingredient that you must worry about the most is the 1 – year old.  Haha.


Recipe:  Family Photoshoot (3-kid version)

by Paula Richwine



Take all of your “ingredients” to a lovely location with lovely fall folliage.

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