must love dogs

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Adam & I ventured to Austin, TX for a few days in May to visit friends that I have known since I was a wee one!  My mom and Sharon were great friends and being the youngest Wirtz kid, I tagged along to many of their lunches.  I still remember coloring (for what felt like HOURS) while they caught up.  When I was in high school we visited Bruce & Sharon after they moved to Austin and I remember loving the city.  I seriously contemplated going to University of Texas for a while.

No, I didn’t end up as a Longhorn, but I figured it was about time we visit again.  Adam had never been to Texas & I was antsy to get out of the northeast for a trip.  Austin it was!  While we were there, I did a photoshoot with Bruce, Sharon, their son Sean and the stars of the show…..


…and Buddy.

I had never done a “dog” shoot before but I must say, I thought these turned out pretty cool!

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