paul & lauren

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I am so excited to share the photos from this wedding in a “start to finish” kind of way!  I love the way these photos share the excitement of a much anticipated wedding day for Paul & Lauren.  There were a lot of favorite parts of this wedding day for me….but I think the highlight has to be the dodgeball pictures.  Paul & Lauren met during a dodgeball game and I love how we were able to playfully recreate that moment.



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little miss maeve

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I love this girl.  I mean, check out this adorable face!

Maeve is the daughter of a close friend and co-worker of mine. I simply adore Maeve’s personality and how it comes through in these photos! Read More »

the hills

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I don’t think I can post this photoshoot without:

1.  Smiling!

2. Sharing the recipe for this photoshoot in step by step fashion.

3.  Feeling overwhelmingly blessed & thankful to be part of an awesome church family.

So let the recipe begin!  You may notice that the ingredient that you must worry about the most is the 1 – year old.  Haha.


Recipe:  Family Photoshoot (3-kid version)

by Paula Richwine



Take all of your “ingredients” to a lovely location with lovely fall folliage.

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the hall family


I had SO much fun photographing our beautiful friends, Matt & Katie and sweet Maelynn Grace!

(See sweetness here……)


I simply love fall, love the colors, and love a great photoshoot with friends!…

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chris & becky – the “super” wedding

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Well this was a “first” in the wedding world.  An amazing, very cool, comic themed wedding day!  Chris & Becky definitely had a vision for this awesome day.  See?

This was definitely a wedding “first” that I LOVED!  The simplicity & details of this wedding day made for a relaxed, childlike, celebration of a stellar couple.

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