catcing up…one photo at a time

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We can blame it on motherhood.  We can blame it on an aversion to staring at a computer screen any longer than I have to.  We could even blame it one some deep rebellion I feel when it comes to blogs and social media.  But realistically, keeping up with my photography blogging has been the icing that I just haven’t been able to get onto the cake, let alone whip up.  Ok, let’s be honest….I don’t even have all the ingredients half the time! (Is it obvious that baby #2 has somehow devoured at good portion of my brain cells?).

So here is my PSA:  YES…the last time I blogged about a wedding was 2 years ago (oops!).  NO…I haven’t stopped taking pictures!  YES…I am still photographing weddings!

I have decided I am going to spend the remainder of 2014 bringing myself, and anyone checking out my photography, up to speed.  Additionally, I want desperately to fall in love with the art of photography in a fresh way as I enter another new year.  Wedding and family photography can become rote if you let it and I really don’t want to let it.  I want my creativity to run wild, not run out.  So expect just one or two photos a few times per week perhaps.  Expect only my favorites … the ones I go back to look at just to feel inspired.  Frankly, I have photographed some really beautiful couples, families, children, and details in the past 2 years and you are missing out if I don’t share.  Here we go!



july 28, 2012

cleveland, TN

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